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how do western streamers promote their channels on twitch and youtube?

cheat viewers The main problem of all streaming platforms is that viewers are needed to promote broadcasts and the channel as a whole, but viewers prefer not to watch what is not yet popular. it turns out to be a vicious circle, since neither youtube nor twitch promote streams just like that. In order for the stream to get into the "best" or "recommended", user activity is necessary, which simply has nowhere to come from, if we are talking about a novice video blogger.

as is usually the case with the internet, the solution came from the united states. American streamers have long practiced creating artificial activity around their broadcasts and video service cheat viewers from third-party anonymous services. For a small fee, bots or a team of live users imitate the actions of real users, namely:

    < li>watch the broadcast; < li>leave messages in the chat;
  • put likes or dislikes;
  • write comments.

Obviously, from the point of view of the rules in force on the platforms, this is not entirely correct, but it is almost impossible to track the forgery, provided that everything was done correctly. Activity should be moderate and increase as smoothly as possible. Not the least important is the geolocation of artificial personalities. In order to bypass all possible security measures, servers from different providers and finely tuned algorithms are usually used. However, the customer of the service does not have to think about this. On its part, you only need a link to the broadcast or video, an indication of the selected tariff plan for promotion and payment.

Опубликовано: 21.12.2020
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